Toolkit: Thanksgiving 2021 Safety Tips

What’s on the menu for your Thanksgiving? We’ve cooked up a new recipe in the PHCC kitchen—one you can share to help others enjoy the holiday safely and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Download and share Safety Tips for Thanksgiving 2021 and accompanying social posts. This resource is also available in Spanish. (more…)

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Six Ways Schools Can Promote COVID-19 Vaccination

Schools are trusted institutions in their communities and can play a vital role in promoting COVID-19 vaccination. From setting up a school-located vaccination clinic to engaging with trusted community partners, there are many ways schools can help to increase vaccination uptake among students and the broader community. (more…)

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Shareable Graphics: Delta Variant
Sized for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Shareable Graphics: Delta Variant

As the delta variant has quickly become the dominant strain worldwide, most COVID-19 deaths and hospitalizations continue to be are unvaccinated people. Download and share these new graphics to use in your local COVID-19 communication and vaccination outreach. (more…)

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