The COVID-19 pandemic has powerfully demonstrated the critical need for public health protections. Misinformation and conflicting messages about COVID-19 have confused Americans and eroded trust in public health organizations. Maintaining and strengthening the credibility of these organizations at the federal, state, and local levels is critical to making communities healthier and ultimately saving lives.

Partners in this effort include:

Founding Organizations


The collaborative promotes the value of public health to protect health, safety, and the economy, and it highlights the positive work of the CDC and public health agencies nationwide. The goals for this national, coordinated communications effort are to:

  • Support science-based decision-making during the COVID-19 response
  • Establish public health leaders as credible, unbiased experts
  • Correct misinformation
  • Build support for sustained investment in public health

In order to achieve these goals, the collaborative:

  • Provides state and local public health officials with messaging support, materials, and communications counsel
  • Communicates public health successes and offers spokespersons to news media
  • Informs policymakers and opinion leaders through earned media coverage, opinion placements, and other communications tactics

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Partner organizations do not necessarily endorse all PHCC content. The partner organizations advise PHCC on emerging issues and the messaging needs of state and local health departments.