Communicating Through COVID-19 and Beyond: Impact and Insights from the Field of Public Health

Communicating Through COVID-19 and Beyond features insights and learnings from public health communicators across the country.

Leading up to the two-year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Public Health Communications Collaborative conducted a national survey and received more than 600 responses from 51 states and territories. We heard from commissioners, public information officers, community health workers, contact tracers, educators, program directors, nurses, and more.

Our team reviewed every submission, and we are deeply grateful to everyone who took the time to share stories of survival and empathy, mistakes and lessons, frustration and hope, and compassion for your communities. These reflections highlight the immense impact of public health communicators since 2020 and offer a powerful wealth of insights for protecting public health through COVID-19 and beyond.

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  • Check out @PH_Comms’ latest resource “Communicating Through COVID-19 + Beyond” Crowdsourced from 600+ #publichealth professionals in the U.S., this resource offers timely insights from the field during the pandemic + into the future. Learn more here
  • Crowdsourced from #publichealth pros across the country, @PH_Comms’ latest resource “Communicating Through COVID-19 and Beyond” provides a wealth of insights during the pandemic and for the future of public health comms. Check it out here.

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More Insights from the Field

Three of the spotlighted communicators joined the Public Health Communications Collaborative for a panel discussion to dig a layer deeper into the learnings from their departments’ COVID-19 communications strategies. Access the recording of the panel discussion to hear more from Dr. Ying-Ying Goh, Director of Public Health and Health Officer at Pasadena Public Health Department, CA; Julie Pryde, Public Health Administrator at Champaign-Urbana Public Health District, IL; and Frank Kruppa, Public Health Director and Mental Health Commissioner at Tompkins County Health Department, NY.

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