On July 19, 2022, the CDC updated its COVID-19 vaccine recommendations, approving the Novavax vaccine for emergency use authorization for adults 18 years and older. Novavax is a two-dose, protein-based COVID-19 vaccine that is currently being used in more than 40 countries and has been authorized by the European Union and the World Health Organization.

Novavax is a two-dose, protein-based COVID-19 vaccine authorized for use in adults 18 and older. It is the fourth COVID-19 vaccine available in the U.S., in addition to Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. As a protein-based vaccine, Novavax is another option for people who are allergic to one of the components in a mRNA or viral-vector vaccine. 

The Novavax vaccine is also authorized as a first booster dose for adults, at least 6 months after completing primary vaccination with any authorized COVID-19 vaccine.

Updated October 31, 2022