Have the death tolls for COVID-19 been inflated?

COVID-19 remains a serious threat to public health, and there is no evidence that the reported number of COVID-19 deaths has been inflated. The CDC has tracked and reported COVID-19 fatalities from the start of the pandemic, with detailed data from the local and state level that originates with each individual death certificate. In fact, experts agree that the number of COVID deaths are probably undercounted because not everyone with COVID will have been tested and diagnosed.

The CDC’s report also gives a detailed account of something we’ve known since the beginning of the pandemic – having pre-existing conditions like diabetes, heart disease, or obesity greatly increases a person’s risk for life-threatening consequences from the infection. We also know that COVID-19 deaths can be caused by related complications, such as pneumonia or respiratory distress. The high rate of chronic illness in the U.S. (6 in 10 adults have a chronic disease) has contributed to the high number of COVID-19 deaths, but it is important to remember that even people with pre-existing conditions may have lived years longer if they had not been infected with COVID-19. For that reason, the cause of these deaths is COVID-19.

Updated August 9, 2021