No, a COVID-19 vaccine will not increase the risk of miscarriage. Studies show that miscarriages can occur in 11% to 22% of all typical pregnancies. There is no evidence that pregnancy risks or complications are increased because of COVID-19 vaccines.

Data do show that experiencing a COVID-19 infection during pregnancy increases the risk of delivering a preterm or stillborn infant. This is why vaccination is a critical layer of protection for the pregnant person and the infant. COVID-19 vaccination provides antibodies to the pregnant person and the baby, protecting them both from the increased risk of serious illness.

There has been extensive and ongoing safety monitoring of the COVID-19 vaccines, including analysis of vaccination before and during pregnancy. These studies specifically demonstrate that COVID-19 vaccination does not cause or relate to the occurrence of a miscarriage. To date, no monitoring system or other studies have identified any association between miscarriage and COVID-19 vaccination.

Updated December 14, 2023