Frequently Asked Questions about Vaccine mandates

Vaccines are a safe and effective way to stop the spread of preventable diseases and decrease rates of infection, hospitalization, and death. The CDC recommends all people age 5 and older get vaccinated against COVID-19, and get a booster shot when eligible. Schools or employers may require vaccinations for attendance or employment, and requirements vary by state and employer. 

While vaccine requirements vary by state, location, business, and school, the science remains the same: the best way to protect yourself from getting COVID-19 is to get vaccinated, and boosted when eligible.

Schools: All states have vaccination requirements for children attending school and childcare facilities. Vaccination requirements help safeguard children by making sure they are protected when they begin school, where there is a higher potential for transmission of some diseases. To learn more about vaccine requirements by state, visit the CDC’s SchoolVaxView Requirements Database

Employers: On January 13, 2022, the Supreme Court ruled that the federal government cannot enforce a vaccine mandate for large businesses. This does not mean that private employers are blocked from creating vaccine mandates. Vaccines remain the safest and most effective way to protect against COVID-19, and employers are still legally able to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for employees.

Other Vaccine Requirements:

  • Health care workers at facilities that receive Medicare and Medicaid funding are required to get a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Businesses may also require patrons to show proof of vaccination for entry, and these requirements vary on the state and local level.


Messaging Resources about Vaccine mandates

Misinformation Alerts about Vaccine mandates

Football player’s cardiac arrest tied without evidence to COVID-19 vaccination

After a football player went into cardiac arrest during a Monday night football game, social media users and several newsletter writers spread false claims that the player’s cardiac arrest was due to COVID-19 vaccines. Others speculated without evidence that while the player’s injury could have had another cause, perhaps vaccination made it worse. Recommendation: High

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Pediatrics association criticized for stance on vaccines, gender-affirming care

A conservative newspaper has accused the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), a professional association for pediatricians in the U.S., of “hijacking” pediatrics, due to the organization’s supportive stance on childhood vaccinations and gender-affirming care. The article criticizes the AAP for recommending COVID-19 vaccines, masks, and gender-affirming care for children. Recommendation: Medium Risk

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Governors oppose military vaccine mandate, fuel misinformation

A group of 21 governors has come out in opposition to the military’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement, claiming that it is making recruitment and retention of service members more difficult. The governor’s letter repeats President Biden’s misleading claim that the pandemic is over to support the end of the mandate. Although the statement is not misinformation,

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