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False claim resurfaces that NIH scientists get COVID-19 vaccine “kickbacks”

In a recent viral video, presidential candidate RFK Jr. repeated the debunked claim that NIH scientists receive “kickbacks” from COVID-19 vaccines. Widely circulated clips from the interview claim that the scientists receive $150,000 annually from the sale of mRNA vaccines.  Recommendation: Medium Risk About Us The Public Health Communications Collaborative (PHCC) was developed in response

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Vaccine opponents criticize anthrax vaccine approval as rushed

The FDA recently approved the anthrax vaccine Cyfendus for adults up to age 65 with suspected or confirmed exposure to Bacillus anthracis, the bacteria that causes anthrax. Several vaccine opponents claim that the approval was “rushed” and misleadingly claim that the vaccine was approved for all people, falsely implying that it will be a routinely

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