You may use these downloadable resources for your organization’s website, blog, social media, or presentations.

They were created by the PGP (The Public Good Projects) in response to trending topics and priorities for public education about COVID-19, and reflect the current scientific understanding when they are created. No attribution is required. If you would like to attribute them, however, please cite the Public Health Communications Collaborative.

Note: The information on this site is reviewed by health experts, but is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional guidance, and information may have changed since their posting.


Increased anxiety and stress

Household transmission

Secondhand smoke

We are in this together

Follow health guidelines

Take care of you

Close contacts


Set aside a few minutes

Older adult isolation

Flu vaccine safety

COVID-19 vaccine distribution

Children and COVID-19

Organizing a gathering

Return home COVID-19 safety

Hypertension and COVID-19 risk

COVID-19 vaccine safety

Holiday gatherings and COVID-19 safety

Getting a flu vaccine more important than ever

Dietary supplements

Symptoms of COVID-19 and the Flu


Risk levels of eating out

Young people driving pandemic

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