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They were created by the PGP (The Public Good Projects) in response to trending topics and priorities for public education about COVID-19, and reflect the current scientific understanding when they are created. No attribution is required. If you would like to attribute them, however, please cite the Public Health Communications Collaborative.

Note: The information on this site is reviewed by health experts, but is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional guidance, and information may have changed since their posting.



Childhood vaccines – Spanish

Seeking help is strong

Even if you’ve had COVID-19

Vaccine providers cannot

World Blood Donor Day

Caregiver resources – Spanish

Mental health resources

Adolescent hospitalizations


New Parents – Spanish

Natural Immunity


New mask guidelines

Donate blood

Vaccines are safe and effective – Spanish

Record time

Mental health

Second dose

Vaccine side effects – Spanish

Ways to prioritize mental health

Trevor Project

12 years and older

Shedding myth

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