Ad Council Toolkit: Messaging Recommendations

Messaging kit and downloadable graphics from the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative, with messaging recommendations, do’s and don’ts, and tips about language and tone.┬áThese resources are from the recently released Public Health Toolkit, part of the COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative.

  • Messaging Recommendations. Strategic guidelines, messaging elements that resonate (and don’t), language considerations, and trusted messengers.
  • Messaging That Resonates. Strategies to build confidence and trust, remind people why the vaccine is important, and help them see it as a critical step in protecting themselves and their families. This also provides specific recommendations for communicating with Black and Latino audiences.
  • Core Insights. Insights from research by the Ad Council and others about the key concerns behind low vaccine confidence — safety, side effects, lack of information, and the speed of the clinical trials. This includes specific research on Black Americans and Latinos, as well as trusted messengers.
  • Downloadable Videos and Graphics. Videos, vaccine FAQs, suggested talking points, and customizable social media copy.