Widely Shared Podcast Airs Claim That mRNA Vaccines Are Toxic

A 10-minute podcast that has been shared more than 20,000 times in five days is raising concerns about why COVID-19 vaccines may cause cardiovascular issues like heart inflammation and blood clots. A guest on the podcast, an immunologist and researcher who has previously been shown to spread unfounded scientific claims, voiced several concerns about vaccines. The guest states that mRNA vaccines, and specifically the spike protein, are toxic. The guest says that all of his statements are based on peer-reviewed research, which he references numerous times, but he fails to cite any specific studies to back up his claims. The podcast guest’s claims about “toxic” spike proteins are inaccurate. The mRNA vaccines do not contain the viral spike proteins, but rather instructions for the cells to produce a harmless spike protein. There is no evidence to suggest that the spike proteins produced by the body in response to the COVID-19 vaccines are toxic or dangerous in any way. There are numerous vaccine safety reporting systems actively collecting data on adverse events, as well as numerous ongoing studies by highly reputable research institutions monitoring individuals who have been vaccinated.

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