Viral Video Claims Vaccinated People Are Magnetized, Bluetooth-Compatible

Recently, rumors that vaccinated individuals become magnetized at their injection site or are detectable by Bluetooth have been gaining popularity on social media in the U.K. In one post, shared hundreds of times, a user posts a video purportedly showing magnets sticking to the arms of vaccinated family members. The post goes on to claim that when “scanned,” the user’s vaccinated parents’ Bluetooth codes appeared. Both claims have been thoroughly debunked by multiple fact-checking sites but have continued to spread on social media, perpetuating the narrative that the vaccines are harmful and alter humans in some way. The ingredients for all authorized vaccines are listed on the FDA’s website and none of them are magnetic.

This recent uptick in claims related to magnets and Bluetooth shows how misinformation can spread in different regions at different times. Recently, a pattern has emerged in which individuals from different countries share misinformation that is trending elsewhere, adding country-specific details.

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