Vaccine Skeptic Panel Claims Studies Critical of Vaccines Unfairly Targeted for Retraction

A livestream video featuring a panel of several figures prominent in the anti-vaccination movement attempts to expose a pattern of retractions of studies that demonstrate vaccine injury. The panelists claim that studies critical of vaccines are being suppressed due to conflicts of interest. In reality, these studies all had flawed data and reporting methodologies that failed to meet scientific standards. Notably, a study by one of the panelists’ was retracted for falsifying data to claim that the MMR vaccine causes autism. The panel was spurred by the recent retraction of a paper that claimed that COVID-19 vaccines cause two deaths for every three that they prevent. The publication of the study caused a widespread backlash in the scientific community and prompted the resignation of several vaccine experts from the journal’s editorial board. The study was found to misrepresent data from the Netherlands’ vaccine safety reporting system and was ultimately retracted by the journal. 

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