Unverified Claims Breastfeeding Baby Died After Mother’s Vaccination Resurface

An unverified VAERS report that has resurfaced several times since March claims that a breastfeeding baby died suddenly after the mother received a COVID-19 vaccine. The report claims that the mother was vaccinated on March 17 and the baby developed a fever and rash and died the following day. Elsewhere in the report, the vaccination and baby’s death are said to have taken place in March 2020, before any COVID-19 vaccines were available. At least one person who has circulated the claim on social media admitted to using a picture of a child with a rash who is perfectly healthy now. Some who have shared the claims have speculated that the vaccine spike protein could have transferred through the breast milk to cause the alleged symptoms. The spike proteins induced by the mRNA vaccines are harmless; they only serve to train the immune system to recognize the spike protein on the real virus and combat it. All available evidence suggests that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe during both pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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