Israeli Study Reignites Natural vs. Vaccine Immunity Debate

An Israeli study that has not yet been peer-reviewed found that unvaccinated people who were previously infected with COVID-19 have longer-lasting and stronger immunity against Delta infection than those who are fully vaccinated. Some have claimed that this is proof that natural immunity is superior to vaccine-induced immunity and are using the study to discredit officials promoting vaccination. Although natural immunity can provide robust protection against COVID-19, it is unreliable, as not everyone who recovers from COVID-19 develops enough antibodies to fight reinfection. It’s also dangerous because natural immunity can only be gained by contracting a serious and potentially deadly disease. Another recent study found that reinfection risk in unvaccinated people was more than twice that of vaccinated people, while numerous studies have shown that vaccinated people are much better protected against hospitalization and death than unvaccinated people. 

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