Ex-Pfizer VP Spreads Misinformation About COVID-19, Variants, and Vaccine Safety

 In a video with thousands of views on social media, a former Pfizer executive known for spreading anti-vaccine myths makes several false claims about COVID-19 and vaccines, including:

  1. Calling asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19 his “favorite lie.” FACT CHECK:  According to one CDC report, as much as 50 percent of transmission happens before people experience symptoms.
  2. Claiming there is “zero chance” of vaccinated people or those who have had COVID-19 contracting any other variants of the virus. FACT CHECK: Although the vaccines and previous COVID-19 infection appear to offer some measure of protection against some variants, we do not have enough evidence to know how well vaccine or natural immunity will protect people from each new variant. 
  3. Suggesting that the vaccines are not safe, citing data from VAERS and Yellow Card, the US and UK’s vaccine adverse events reporting systems. FACT CHECK: Deaths listed in the systems are not necessarily vaccine-related. VAERS and Yellow Card are a record of adverse events, including deaths, that occur after vaccination, not adverse events that occur as a result of vaccination. This data also contains self-reported, unverified accounts.
  4. Suggesting that the vaccines may be harmful to pregnant women. FACT CHECK: The vaccine clinical trials included pregnant women, and as of May 17, more than 100,000 pregnant people have been safely vaccinated. The CDC recommends the vaccine for those who are pregnant and breastfeeding.

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