Delta Misinformation Spreads Rapidly Online After WHO Recommendations

While the Delta variant is rapidly becoming the dominant COVID-19 variant worldwide, narratives downplaying the risk of the variant and the benefits of vaccination are circulating online. This misinformation has been at least partially fueled by the WHO’s recommendation that fully vaccinated individuals continue to wear masks in public places because of the potential risk from the Delta variant, with some suggesting this proves that the vaccines are ineffective. A notable figure in the U.S. alternative medicine movement published an “analysis” falsely claiming that more fully vaccinated people have died of the variant than partially or non-vaccinated people. Exactly the opposite is true; nearly 99 percent of recent COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. have been among unvaccinated people. Still, social media users are claiming that the Delta variant is being used as an opportunity to push for another vaccine or booster shots. 

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