Bad Actors Use Israeli Study to Promote Natural Over Vaccine Immunity

The pre-print Israeli study that compared natural immunity from previous COVID-19 infection to vaccine-induced immunity continues to create a stir online as some use it to argue against COVID-19 vaccination. One widely shared article claims that the study, which is still under peer review, has “demolished” the case for COVID-19 vaccine requirements. The article has garnered more than 100,000 engagements across multiple social media platforms, including more than 56,000 engagements from a post by a U.S. senator. Natural immunity, while robust, is far more unpredictable and dangerous to acquire than vaccine immunity. The only way to gain natural immunity is by contracting COVID-19, which means risking serious illness, long-term effects, and death. Moreover, not everyone who has previously had COVID-19 develops enough antibodies to fight reinfection. One recent study found that vaccination after a previous infection decreases reinfection risk.

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