COVID-19 Community Level is a CDC framework to monitor COVID-19, a measure that takes into consideration hospitalizations, hospital capacity, and cases within a community. This approach is designed to help keep people safer from severe COVID-19 and help maintain local healthcare systems. The CDC makes recommendations based on COVID-19 Community Level, and encourages local decision-makers to use it to inform policies and encourages community members to use it to assess their own risk. 

Regardless of COVID-19 Community Levels, the CDC recommends that people get vaccinated and boosted when eligible, and take precautions like getting tested when sick. When the level is higher, more prevention measures, like masking or enhanced screening protocols, are recommended to keep people healthy and limit strain on the local healthcare system. And at any Level, individuals may decide to take additional precautions based on their risk level, risk tolerance, and personal preference.

CDC recommendations at each COVID-19 Community Level include:

  • Low: Get vaccinated and boosted, and tested if you have symptoms.
  • Medium: Consider wearing a mask if you are or a member of your household is at high risk for severe COVID-19. (In addition to vaccination, boosting, and testing).
  • High: Everyone age 2 and up should wear a mask in public, indoor settings, including schools and workplaces. (In addition to vaccination, boosting, and testing).

Added February 25, 2022

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