There have been reports suggesting the CDC’s reputation has been diminished as a result of its role in the COVID-19 response. Is the CDC’s leadership still credible?

For decades, the CDC has put its scientific expertise to work to protect Americans from infectious disease, chronic illness, and preventable injuries. Around the world, the agency is a trusted source for public health and health promotion guidance; the CDC’s career staff remain a respected and credible information source.

The CDC is at its best when its scientists are free to provide public health advice based on the best available data and free of any political or non-scientific considerations.

There’s no avoiding the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has been extremely challenging for the entire country, including the CDC. There was an early misstep at the CDC with the initial development of a COVID-19 test. However, since then CDC has gathered and shared data on the pandemic’s impact, produced educational materials, distributed billions of dollars in grant funding to local, state, tribal, and territorial agencies, and supported essential services necessary for testing, contact tracing, and protection of the public.

During the initial response, the CDC did not have the central and visible roles in coordinating and messaging during the COVID-19 pandemic that it had during past infectious disease outbreaks, including malaria, HIV, H1N1, Ebola, and Zika. This lack of a central, public-facing role for the CDC impeded the federal response, contributed to mixed messaging on the optimal response to the pandemic, and delayed and sometimes distorted the guidance needed by the American public.

That has changed. The CDC has been empowered to take a central role in developing guidance and messaging and coordinating the national response. Everyone benefits when the CDC is allowed to do its job without interference and with regular, unfettered science-based messaging offered directly to the public and policymakers. Under the new leadership, the thousands of rank-and-file CDC employees scientists and public health experts dedicated only to the protection of the public are leading the day in and day out work necessary to fight the virus.

Going forward, the nation needs to ensure that science guides public health without any interference. When statements are made or policies suggested that are not grounded in science, public health experts need to continue to say so.

Updated May 7 , 2021