Frequently Asked Questions about Trust

Public health officials are trained and experienced in responding to infectious disease outbreaks and life-threatening emergencies. They work closely with scientists and researchers to translate the latest findings into action with the express goal of keeping people as safe and healthy as possible. 

It can be frustrating when guidance changes. It’s the job of public health officials to tell you what they know, when they know it, and guidance regarding COVID-19 has evolved as our understanding of the virus itself has improved and evolved.

Public health officials and scientists are continuing to learn about how the virus spreads, how it affects different people, and how best to control it. As scientists discover new information about COVID-19, public health officials work to provide accurate and timely guidance. 

Misinformation Alerts about Trust

Posts claim CDC’s new guidelines mean unvaccinated have same risk as vaccinated

The CDC recently updated its COVID-19 guidance to make the same recommendations for people who have been exposed to COVID-19 regardless of their vaccination status. Some social media users are claiming that the updated guidelines mean that there was never a difference in COVID-19 risk for vaccinated and unvaccinated people and that previous guidelines were

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Article misleadingly claims COVID-19 vaccine causes high rate of side effects

A website that is known for publishing hoaxes and fabricated news stories is claiming that data from a German health insurer suggests that one in 25 of the insurer’s clients were treated for COVID-19 vaccine side effects last year. The article is based on totaling the use of four diagnosis health insurer codes.  Recommendation: Medium

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