Podcast host with no medical or public health expertise gives inaccurate advice

On a recent episode of a popular podcast, the host suggested that young people do not need to worry about getting a COVID-19 vaccine if they are healthy, exercise, and eat well. Many experts have stated that this claim is incorrect, especially as young people are increasingly accounting for COVID-19 cases. While young people may have a lower chance of developing severe illness and dying from the virus, there is no guarantee that they will experience mild illness, and teens and young adults do spread the virus to older age groups. Experts are encouraging young people to consider those around them who may be at risk of severe illness, and to get vaccinated to protect them. Widespread condemnation of the host’s comments resulted in their clarifying they are not against vaccines, and have no expertise in medicine or public health. However, the host’s inaccurate claims were widely shared across social networks.

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