Resolve to Save Lives: Voices of Long COVID

Long COVID is a range of new, returning and ongoing health problems people can experience after they have contracted the virus—and young people suffering from Long COVID symptoms are speaking out. Voices of Long COVID, a newly launched campaign by Resolve to Save Lives, features testimonials from people ages 18-29 who are struggling with persistent health problems from COVID-19. (more…)

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Toolkit: Holiday Safety Tips 2021

The holidays are right around the corner! To embrace the spirit of the season, the Public Health Communications Collaborative and Health Action Alliance have created a new resource for public health communicators and businesses to share with their communities. Use this resource and the accompanying social graphics to promote COVID-19 safety tips to help ensure a happy and healthy holiday season.


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Office of the Surgeon General: Toolkit to Address Health Misinformation

The Surgeon General’s Community Toolkit for Addressing Health Misinformation provides specific guidance and resources for health care providers, educators, and community members to understand, identify, and stop the spread of health misinformation in their communities.


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Toolkit: Thanksgiving 2021 Safety Tips

What’s on the menu for your Thanksgiving? We’ve cooked up a new recipe in the PHCC kitchen—one you can share to help others enjoy the holiday safely and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Download and share Safety Tips for Thanksgiving 2021 and accompanying social posts. This resource is also available in Spanish. (more…)

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Six Ways Schools Can Promote COVID-19 Vaccination

Schools are trusted institutions in their communities and can play a vital role in promoting COVID-19 vaccination. From setting up a school-located vaccination clinic to engaging with trusted community partners, there are many ways schools can help to increase vaccination uptake among students and the broader community. (more…)

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